BAC Mono vs Ariel Atom V8

Race cars… for the road??? Formula One. Race oriented vehicles flying around corners at speeds unfathomable to the human mind. After watching one of these said races, the first thing one desires is to drive one of these crazy vehicles. Unfortunately they aren’t road legal… or for sale. But two companies have created cars (forContinue reading “BAC Mono vs Ariel Atom V8”

Why the Cold Air Intake is Worth it: Pros and Cons of an Aftermarket Intake

The world of car mods is enormous. From celebrities showing of super modified cars in movies, to the massive turbochargers people put on their drag cars the world of car mods just seems to keep getting bigger. And faster. And more powerful. Among the thousands if not tens of thousands of performance car modifications outContinue reading “Why the Cold Air Intake is Worth it: Pros and Cons of an Aftermarket Intake”

Mk 4 Supra vs Mk 5 Supra

The Toyota Supra is a legend. That simple fact is undeniable. Since its beautiful birth in the late 70’s it has risen to be one of the most coveted cars for car people out there. The models coveted the most however is the Mark 4 edition, which featured Toyota’s legendary engine: the 2JZ engine. ThisContinue reading “Mk 4 Supra vs Mk 5 Supra”

The Ford Mach E

Well, Ford did it. Ford has gone out and put their own spin on an electric car. Today’s article might be a bit different because today there is no comparison. There is no competition. There’s just Ford’s all new electric SUV. Upon first glance, the car looks all mustang. But then you do a doubleContinue reading “The Ford Mach E”

Tesla CyberTruck

Summary Well… keeping in line with the electric car theme for the week, it seems Tesla had something to say in response to Ford entering their arena. They just broke into the pickup world with something absolutely insane. The Tesla Cybertruck looks so strange (to some hideous), and by means of performance it’s absolutely incredible.Continue reading “Tesla CyberTruck”

Formula 1 vs Formula E

The world of motorsport racing is massive and it only seems to be getting bigger. But as time goes on, the way these races are set up has changed. The age of electric cars is slowly taking over aspects of the auto industry, and it seems like its next target is motorsport. With the recentContinue reading “Formula 1 vs Formula E”