The Ford Mach E

Ford Mach E
Interior Photo? We don’t have one yet…

Well, Ford did it. Ford has gone out and put their own spin on an electric car. Today’s article might be a bit different because today there is no comparison. There is no competition. There’s just Ford’s all new electric SUV. Upon first glance, the car looks all mustang. But then you do a double take and notice its family-friendly bubbly figure. An SUV? Why didn’t Ford take the Tesla or Audi route and throw out a sports car to begin with? Another electric hypercar is not what the world needs right now. If you think about it, that’s almost all that we have. We have lightning fast sedans and blistering supercars, but what about the family cars? To that Ford gives us an answer and a pretty darn good one at that. Right now, as far as electric SUVs go there’s only the Tesla Model X and the Audi E-Tron. Both of those cars are mighty expensive, and the Audi isn’t even sporty. The Mach-E (which is a weird name) looks to have a base MSRP of around $50,000. That beats both the Tesla and the Audi by at least $10,000. But to give Tesla some credit, their own cheaper SUV (the Model Y) is coming around the same date as the Mach E. But in the end, Ford has done it. Ford just became a pioneer for electric vehicles seemingly overnight. They’ve had electric cars before, but they’ve all flopped and fizzled out. But this is something new. This is Ford taking electric performance serious enough to slap a mustang logo on a performance SUV. They’re undercutting Tesla with an SUV that is cheap, sporty, and good for the environment. Ford’s doing it all. We’ll get to more significance later, but here are some future specs for the car:

Top Speed(Estimated) 155 mph
0-60 Time(Estimated) 3.4 – 3.8 secs
Weight(Estimated) 5,300 lbs
Horsepower(Estimated)  425 – 470 hp
Safety(Estimated) 4.5 – 5 ✩
MPGElectric… so around 90
Visual EffectMustang for the whole family

The Verdict

This is important. For Ford, for the electric vehicle world, and for the SUV world. It’s another step towards an electric future bringing in a new demographic of car buyers. Ford is trying to take a piece of the market, and so far their attempt looks pretty good. The biggest deal of all of this though is the fact that Ford put their legendary Mustang logo on it. The mustang represents everything Ford is performance wise. Its years of a car that has been lodged in the hearts and roots of American car culture. Now Ford has chosen a new poster child for the Mustang. An electric performance SUV. Who would have thought?

Bottom Line: Times are changing, and Ford isn’t getting left behind. 

Like Electric Cars News? Here’s some more about Tesla’s new Pickup

**Spec Estimates:**

Price – Given from Ford

Top Speed – Matches Tesla Model S P100D Top Speed

0-60 Time – Estimate modified by me from Ford

Horsepower – Estimated on 0-60 time

Weight – Similar to Tesla Model X P90D weight

Safety – SImilar to Ford Explorer

MPG – Electric AVG

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