Tesla in the Bahamas and Bermuda (a review)

In a new series about the presence of Tesla inc. it different countries, we are going to focus on two island nations found off the coast of America in the Atlantic. The Bahamas and Bermuda are two of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, and today we are going to look at how owning a Tesla there would be. Unfortunately the Bahamas and Bermuda have 0 Tesla presence, period. No superchargers, stores, or service centers are to be found on either of the islands. This makes it a little difficult to get your Tesla to your respective island, but it isn’t impossible. The easiest thing for you to do is to order your car online, and you will probably have to pay some extra shipping to get it to you. After you do decide to purchase your Tesla, your next problems are fixing and charging. You can always to “drip charging” as long as you have an adapter and a standard electricity outlet. But this isn’t very practical and only gets you 1-2 miles of range every hour. The best option is to install your Wall Connector so that you essentially have your own supercharger in your home. This will set you back $500, but is well worth it. Finally Tesla service is lacking in the Bahamas and Bermuda. So as far as fixing your Tesla goes, you might have to ship it somewhere to get it fixed by Tesla.

It’s a little empty around here…

So is owning a Tesla in the Bahamas or Bermuda a good idea? There’s a yes and no answer. If you really enjoy the car and like what it has to offer, then yes you should buy it. Tesla might make it a little difficult for you to buy, charge, and fix it but there is a way. Tesla has provided means of purchase and charging to their clients with both their online website and their Wall Connector. The only issue you would have would be if your car needed repairs, then there would be a bit of an unknown situation. Now if you are looking for a car that is easy to own where you live, I would not recommend a Tesla. The simplicity of ICE cars stills outdoes the simplicity of electric vehicles, but only because of your location. Soon enough, there should be more electric car availability in the Bahamas and in Bermuda.

Bottom Line: If you are all about the Tesla car, the you definitely could own this car with relative ease. We would recommend a long range Model S for the Bahamas and for Bermuda, due to its long range and all-wheel-drive stanard feature.

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