Tesla in New Zealand (a review)

In a new series about the presence of Tesla inc. it different countries, we are going to start with the nation of New Zealand. New Zealand does have a surprising amount of Tesla presence as there is one Tesla store and one Tesla Service center. It should also be noted that there is a Tesla Service center that is to be installed soon near Wellington. There are currently 8 supercharger stations in New Zealand as well as 4 charging stations that will be put in soon. And as far as destination charging goes, there is not a single major gap on the whole island. There is either a destination or super charging station on almost every major city in New Zealand.

In New Zealand buying a Tesla is easy, charging your Tesla is easy, and fixing your Tesla is also easy. So what isn’t easy about owning a Tesla in New Zealand? Probably the weather. Tesla batteries don’t perform well in extreme weather conditions, so the extreme heat or cold that can happen will negatively effect your Tesla, mostly in the form of range reduction. Other than that problem is just the fact that charging hasn’t caught up to gas fueling. For now, there will be more gas stations than there will be charging stations but that is due to change over time. Installing an at home charger will also help alleviate some of the range anxiety as one can have 100% charge to start the day every day. The installation of solar panels and the Powerwall can also help reduce cost of living in New Zealand. The recommended car for New Zealand is the Long Range All Wheel Drive Model 3. The dual-motor system is a must have. The larger battery will also help reduce any range anxiety that one might have.

Bottom Line: As weird as it may sound, owning a Tesla in New Zealand is actually better than in most nations. The highly accessible chargers and service stations help to make owning a Model 3, Model X, or Model S simple and thoughtless, which is how it should be.

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