Tesla CyberTruck

Tesla Cybertruck Image Interior
Tesla Cybertruck Image Price
Tesla Cybertruck Image Reveal


Well… keeping in line with the electric car theme for the week, it seems Tesla had something to say in response to Ford entering their arena. They just broke into the pickup world with something absolutely insane. The Tesla Cybertruck looks so strange (to some hideous), and by means of performance it’s absolutely incredible. This is new territory for the electric car maker, but over the past years Tesla seems to conquer new territory quite quickly. This occasion appears to be no different. For starters, the truck does everything Elon Musk said it would do. It far outperforms a Porsche 911 in a straight line, and in a tug-of-war match dragged the pathetic-looking Ford F-150 across the pavement. As far as its function, this car is perfect. It (as far as we can tell) beats out every pickup category to date, and by a mile. And as far as looks go, I will admit it takes a second to get used to but the intimidation factor makes it cool. Also, the broken glass during the reveal didn’t help too much. But in the end, this truck is the future of automotive technology. As far as importance goes, it doesn’t really get bigger than this. Aside from Rivian, electric car makers haven’t touched the pickup sector. This is a step in a new direction for Tesla, and so far it seems to be received pretty well. It is direct competition with many large car brands, and we will get too see how it stacks up in the future. 

Tesla Cyber Truck Interior
Tesla Cybertruck Interior (Tesla)

This post will be updated as time goes on…

Top Speed130 MPH
0-60 Time2.9 Seconds
Max Towing14,000 lbs
Horsepower*(Est) 750 – 800 HP
Safety(Est.) 4.5 – 5 ✩
Weight*(Est) 5,700 – 6,300 lbs
Visual EffectI’m sorry… what year is it?

Bottom Line: It’s insane. And for some, insane is too much. If so, maybe just settle for the ATV…

Want more news on electric cars? Check out the new Electric Mustang from Ford!

*Weight: Based on weight of Model X P100D and the fact that the body is titanium, we can assume this truck is gonna be very heavy.

*Horsepower: Based on the horsepower of the Model S P100D and increased by 50% (added third motor).

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