Tesla in Texas (a review)

Choosing an Electric car as your new car can be a pretty life-changing decision. Even so, choosing to begin owning a Tesla can change the game even more. Due to the fact the Tesla’s have access to supercharging stations and standard charging stations alike, it makes their vehicles a prime option for anyone looking to purchase an electric car. This article series is going to be researching the pros, cons, and bottom like of purchasing a Tesla vehicle in your state, which today is Texas.


  • Tesla Supercharging situation is fantastic, if you leave near a large city like Dallas or Houston.
  • At home charging means that you won’t need these charging stations, unless you decide to take a road trip. An at home charger is highly recommended for any electric car.
  • Gas costs – Texas currently ranks #1 in gas prices (1 being cheapest and 50 being the most expensive). So your gas is cheap, but costs of electricity are still cheaper.
  • Only the Model 3 requires you pay at a supercharger, but electricity is still cheaper than gas (see above).
  • If you purchase a Model S or X your supercharging is free, so over time your car is cheaper to maintain.
  • Tesla cars will (obviously, but sometimes forgotten) not need oil changes. This also adds to the “cheaper to maintain” model.
  • Tesla Vehicles need brake replacements every 100,000 miles! Due to the regenerative breaking, you can go longer without using your break.
  • The acceleration… any Tesla model is punchy and fun to drive.
  • Tesla vehicles come with an App!! That’s right, your car can be preheated, turned on, and even moved by your phone.
  • Your phone is your key on your Tesla… so there’s no need for the key chain.
  • Due to the warmer Texas climate, your car wont lose charge during the winters.


  • Most of the wide-open-space area of Texas is without charging stations.
  • This one might be weird but its true: the Tesla door handles can get seriously hot in hot weather.

Bottom Line: The pros are overwhelming! The cons for owning a Tesla in Texas don’t go past the initial costs to buy the car and the lack of charging in the sparser areas of Texas. Texas is one of the prime states to buy a Tesla, as charging installation isn’t hard to find.

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