Tesla in Indiana (a review)

Choosing an Electric car as your new car can be a pretty life-changing decision. Even so, choosing to begin owning a Tesla can change the game even more. Due to the fact the Tesla’s have access to supercharging stations and standard charging stations alike, it makes their vehicles a prime option for anyone looking to purchase an electric car. This article series is going to be researching the pros, cons, and bottom like of purchasing a Tesla vehicle in your state, which today is Indiana.


  • Tesla Supercharging situation is pretty good, if you live anywhere near a large city like Indianapolis or Fort Wayne you have relatively good access to away-charging .
  • All Wheel Drive models of the Model 3, Model S, and Model X are great and a must have for those 12 inch + snow days.
  • Where Supercharging stations are lacking, Chargepoint.com has non-Tesla chargers all throughout Indiana, with the only major gap of charging being in the Lafayette to South Bend region.
  • At home charging means that you won’t need these charging stations, unless you decide to take a road trip. An at home charger is highly recommended for any electric car.
  • Gas costs – Indiana currently ranks #26 in gas prices (1 being cheapest and 50 being the most expensive).
  • Only the Model 3 requires you pay at a supercharger, but electricity is still cheaper than gas (see above).
  • If you purchase a Model S or X your supercharging is free, so over time your car is cheaper to maintain.
  • Tesla cars will (obviously, but sometimes forgotten) not need oil changes. This also adds to the “cheaper to maintain” model.
  • Tesla Vehicles need brake replacements every 100,000 miles! Due to the regenerative breaking, you can go longer without using your break.
  • The acceleration… any Tesla model is punchy and fun to drive.
  • Tesla vehicles come with an App!! That’s right, your car can be preheated, turned on, and even moved by your phone.
  • Your phone is your key on your Tesla… so there’s no need for the key chain.


  • The cold weather can reduce some of the range on your car.
  • If you do live in a charging gap, it can make long trips harder to accomplish.
  • Tesla presence in Indiana isn’t all that large. We are still waiting for more service stations and stores.
  • The cheapest Tesla you can buy will set you back at least $35,000. And that model is hidden from public eye.
  • The all-wheel-drive cars are pretty expensive.
  • If you do happen to run out of charge on the road… there’s no real back up plan.

Bottom Line: The Pros far outweigh the cons. The only foreseeable issues you will run into are if you decide to go on road trips, and the initial cost of owning a Tesla. But after you’ve made the purchase, it only gets easier from there. With cheaper maintaining costs, and a great all-wheel-drive system, it makes driving in Indiana a bit easier… and more fun.

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